Britta Stumpp

Designer . Poet . Music Lover

Technology Class Instructor

"Life's a Poem, Live out the Metaphors"

About Me

Britta has a Bachelor's in Secondary English/Creative Writing degree from Weber State University, a Broadcast Journalism and Electronic Media degree from Weber State University, and a Graphic and Web Design Associate’s from Eagle Gate College. She also holds a Yoga Philosophy certificate from Oregon State University.

She has a background in web design, web programming, broadcasting and journalism. She has worked for several local radio stations, volunteered for the 2002 Olympics news coverage teams, and has worked at two universities in web development. She is also a yoga instructor who enjoys the outdoors and loves animals. She has a passion for environmental appreciation and creating a sustainable future for all.

She is a seventh generation Ogdenite going back to the founder. She has lived in CA, OR, NM, NV, and WA. She currently resides in Ogden with her son and her husband.


Feel free to contact me at: